Big Rigs Pulling

    The world famous Big Rigs Pulling Series will return to the Lawrence County Fair in New Castle, Pennsylvania in 2015 after a six year absence. Scheduling of the class at this venue has been hindered in the past due to the fact that the National Tractor Pulling Championships (NTPA) at Bowling Green, Ohio have fallen on the same dates.

    Champ Truck World Series

    Welcome to the ChampTruck World Series! ChampTruck is North America's home for REAL, AFFORDABLE, COMPETITIVE big-rig truck road racing. We're talking real racing, real tracks and real big trucks! We're talking six-wheel drifts and lots of gear-jammin' action! And we're proud to say that ChampTruck is open and available to anyone – racing pros and those without any prior racing experience!

    Gibbons Racing

    Welcome to TEAM USA-1 Big Rig Racing. TEAM USA-1 is one of many teams in Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing. Rolling Thunder is the only U.S. based Big Rig Racing Series. Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing races all over the Northwest and has growth potential coast-to-coast. Rolling Thunder is a crowd pleaser producing record breaking numbers in attendance at the tracks and drawing crowds anywhere these Big Rigs are seen. Bottom line, Rolling Thunder Big Rig Racing is in demand.

    North American Big Rig Racing

    The Big Rigs have been racing around Alberta, BC, and Washington since 1989. If you've been to an event, then you know what it’s all about. If not, come check the event calendar and come on out!

    Skagit Speedway

    Skagit Speedway is an affordable and safe entertainment facility that your whole family can enjoy! We do Fun at Full Throttle! Join your friends every weekend from April through September for fire breathing, ground pounding, edge of your seat family fun!

    Speedway Motors

    Speedway Motors is America’s Oldest Speed Shop® and has been a trusted source for specialty rodding and racing products and friendly expert advice for 60 years.