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Federal Highway Administration Truck Size and Weight

Federal interest in preserving highways goes back to the enactment of the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, which authorized the Interstate and Defense Highway System. To preserve our Nation's infrastructure and to keep trucks and buses moving efficiently, states must ensure that commercial motor vehicles comply with federal size and weight standards. FHWA is responsible for certifying state compliance with Federal standards. This site provides a ready source of information on Federal standards and guidelines, state enforcement activities, reporting requirements, and contacts.

Flordia Regulations

This manual serves as a guide for commercial motor vehicle drivers who transport goods and passengers in Florida. This guide lists size and load limits, safety rules, and permits required by the State of Florida.

Heavy Haul

Our informative articles provide discussion on equipment that is useful as a reference for employees, drivers, customers, and anyone wanting information about oversize and heavy haul trucking.

Heavy Haul Regulations

The Federal government does not issue permits for heavy haul, oversize or overweight shipments. Each individual state is required to maintain their own set of state regulations.  They also issue special trucking permits on a case by case basis. If you need to research state regulations or law for oversize and over-weight shipping limitations or need general information about the limits and restrictions of these regulations simply click on the desired state or providence for more information.

Indiana Size and Weight Regulations

Summary of Indiana Size and Weight Laws under TITLE 9 Article 20

Minnesota Size and Weight

Various size and weight regulations apply to motor vehicles operated on public roads, and are contained in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 169. The regulations can be divided into four general parts

Mississippi Department of Transportation

For the latest on Mississippi roadways, laws and regulations.


This Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) No. 5 is intended to provide information on the dimension limits that apply to vehicles registered for use on NSW roads and road-related areas.