Center for Professional Fleet Certification

    CPFC or the Center is an alliance of associations, organizations, companies, and universities involved in vehicle fleet management brought together to advance industry professionalism through individual and organizational certification programs.

    Fleet Driver Training

    For more than 10 years, I Drive Safely has led the industry in innovative online driving training and education programs. Their unique customer-centric approach and professionally designed courses have resulted in more than five million satisfied customers. Designed to be engaging and educational, Their courses offer Their students the convenience and ease of using their own computer, studying on their own schedules, and working at their own pace.


    The CLEANFleet certification (CFC) is a national program developed by the Coalition for Green Fleet Management (CGFM) to certify both private and public fleet operations as energy efficient and environmentally responsible. This program is the industry recognized method to measure and reward high standards in clean fleet management. The CFC is comprehensive as the strict standards require everyone involved in the operation, including senior management and/or elected officials, to support best practices and the responsible use of the funds needed to attain high standards.The program is structured in five progressive steps, known as tiers, allowing fleet operations to be recognized for their accomplishments. Each tier will have progressively more involved standards required for certification. The top tier, Tier 5, is designed for those highly advanced fleet operations. All tiers are valid for one year before requiring a re-certification.

    Glostone Trucking Solutions


    Save More, Less Work, Better Compliance - the $20,000 Compliance Decision Since 1996, Glostone Trucking Solutions has helped motor carriers, from owner-operators to nation-wide fleets, reduce the costs of complying with state and federal regulations. We save our clients from wasting their valuable time, labor, and attention from activities that don't generate revenue for their comGlostone Trucking Solutions has the experience and expertise to help any company operating truckspany. More importantly, however, we save them from worry.

    NTEA The Association for the Work Truck Industry

    This year, the NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, proudly embarks on 50 years of service to our members and our industry. Established in 1964, the Association today represents approximately 1,600 companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell and repair commercial trucks, truck bodies, truck equipment, trailers and accessories. Buyers of work trucks and the major commercial truck chassis manufacturers also belong to the NTEA. The Association provides in-depth technical information, education, and member programs and services, and produces The Work Truck Show®. The Association maintains its administrative headquarters in suburban Detroit and government relations offices in Washington, DC, and Ottawa, Canada.