Arnold Industries, Inc.

    Transports general commodities by motor vehicles and trucks, and offers distribution and warehousing services to customers. Jacksonville.

    Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corporation

    Coast to coast services via 53 and 48 foot vans, reefers, flat-beds, lowboys and container service. based in Groveland.

    Chain Express Corp.

    Logistics company that specializes in freight handling and distribution for the United States, Canada and Mexico. Headquartered in Weston.

    Commercial Truck Insurance

    We insure new venture trucking and other startups. These types of businesses account for nearly 80 percent of the national economy and and need affordable insurance coverage to maintain ongoing business with customers. Get more possible coverage with our Commercial Auto or Truck insurance Policies. Through our broad acceptability of businesses, drivers and vehicles, we provide options for a nearly endless array of risks even those that other carriers typically turn away, such as religious organizations and local farmers. We can quote nearly any business type and deliver rates and discounts that save money

    Florida Trucking Association

    The Florida Trucking Association is the trusted voice: Promoting and protecting the interests of Florida’s trucking and transportation industry for more than 80 years.FTA is made up of both Carrier members (trucking companies) and Supplier members (trucking industry partners and associated vendors). We also have a number of associate members who serve on our various councils and committees. You can see who we are on our member page, or view our list of allied and carrier members.  

    FreightCenter Inc

    Provider of shipping, trucking and freight services for commercial and residential shippers. Headquarters in Trinity.

    M&K Transport

    A contract flat bed and vehicle carrier. Ocala.

    Orlando Towing Company

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    Super Sonic Trucking & Warehousing, Inc.

    Serves the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach airports as well as the Miami and Fort Lauderdale seaports. Includes company profile, charges and quote request form.

    Towing Jacksonville Florida

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