CENTRAMATIC, established in 1985, began by supplying the heavy-duty trucking industry in the United States and Canada with a unique “On-Board” balancing system for steer, drive and trailer axles. In the late 1980’s, CENTRAMATIC acquired Perma-Balance, a company that manufactured balancers for light-duty vehicles and automobiles. Their products were well known having been distributed by companies such as Montgomery Wards and Sears. This acquisition gave CENTRAMATIC a complete line of products from cars to pick-ups and as large as 18 wheelers. Over the years, business has grown to over 2500 dealers nationwide and some very prominent distributors as well. Paccar Parts (Kenworth and Peterbilt), Freightliner, Speedco’s, TruckPro’s, Petro’s, Travel Centers of America, Goodyear Commercial Tire Centers, TDS, GCR Tire Centers and Love’s Truck Tire Care are just some of the names you know and trust.

    Green Tech Global


    Green Fuel Tabs is a completely natural product that not only decreases harmful emissions by burning fuel more efficiently, but saves you money at the pump and on engine maintenance by cleaning the carbon deposits out of your engine. With increasing concern over air quality and a greener environment, GFT offers a viable solution to these concerns.

    Mobil Delvac


    Join us as we roll across America to hear truckers tell their stories in “Behind the Wheel,” a documentary video series from the team behind Mobil Delvac™ diesel engine oil.



    VorBlade™ Products – revolutionary aerodynamic solutions for your vehicle. Our products are designed by aerospace physicists and re-designed by motor vehicle engineers specifically for the highway conditions. It’s not rocket science anymore. Now it works for you!