Celadon Group, Inc.


    Offers long-haul, full truckload transportation and international freight forwarding services. Indianapolis.

    Commercial Truck Insurance


    We insure new venture trucking and other startups. These types of businesses account for nearly 80 percent of the national economy and and need affordable insurance coverage to maintain ongoing business with customers. Get more possible coverage with our Commercial Auto or Truck insurance Policies. Through our broad acceptability of businesses, drivers and vehicles, we provide options for a nearly endless array of risks even those that other carriers typically turn away, such as religious organizations and local farmers. We can quote nearly any business type and deliver rates and discounts that save money

    Indiana DOT


    INDOT will plan, build, maintain and operate a superior transportation system enhancing safety, mobility and economic growth.

    Indiana Motor Truck Association


    The Indiana Motor Truck Association will be the advocate for the trucking industry by promoting highway safety, providing educational programs and fostering a healthy business environment.

    Jet Star, Inc.


    Specializes in delivering loads of jet and diesel fuel, gasoline, ethanol, and lube oil to customers from coast to coast. Headquartered in Zionsville.

    Liquid Transport Corp


    A provider of transportation and services for bulk distribution of chemicals and related products throughout the USA. Indianapolis.

    Mid-West Truckers Association


    As the trucking industry grew, the founding members of MTA realized the difficulty of keeping up with the regulations within the trucking industry.  It was then that the MTA became the "eyes and ears" of its members.  MTA now provides a wide range of member services, including federally-mandated drug and alcohol testing, licensing and title service, self-funded workers compensation programs, training, and education.

    Tandem Transport Corp.


    Flatbed trucking company covering 48 states. Michigan City.