Blue Beacon Truck Washes

    Blue Beacon owns and operates over 100 truck wash locations across the US and Canada. Each location is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. At Blue Beacon, they pride themselves in serving your truck washing, RV washing and trailer washout needs in a friendly and courteous manner. They appreciate your business and want you to be satisfied.


      DyChem has created a Fleet Washing System offering little or no capital expenditures, investment or risk. DyChem provides custom tailored fleet washing systems for new or current wash bay configurations. This partnerhsip includes infastructure, hardware, service, repairs, maintenance and installation of the Automated Fleet Washing System at no cost to our customers. They also provide the chemicals. The DyChem Fleet Washing System eliminates the need for hot or soft water and can wash a large semi tractor and trailer in only 60 seconds. With the application system and the chemistry involved, trucks come out consistently cleaner and for a lower cost than with any other fleet washing system. Besides the quality of the application system and the chemicals used in the Fleet Washing System, a major reason why DyChem’s Fleet Washing System works so well is the quality service provided by DyChem. DyChem is committed to excellence through service. Without good dependable service, no system can work to its full potential. ory and shows the equipment in action.

    RoadWorks Detail Products

    Since that humble beginning RoadWorks has met and exceeded that goal and continues its commitment to the needs of the drivers everywhere. RoadWorks offers a large and diverse catalog of aftermarket accessories. RoadWorks also manufactures one-of-a-kind special order items upon request. In June of 2006 RoadWorks moved to it’s current manufacturing facility in Lafayette, Indiana.